Magic Ice Cream Flavors
By Laura Zimmerman

I was the chubby kid who’d ask to go to a friend’s house after the ice cream truck passed so I could chase him down for another chipwich. My second-grade self would be proud of the amount of ice cream I consume on a weekly basis; my professional self is a little worried about being forced into leggings every day at work—but no one becomes an expert without some sacrifices. San Francisco is breeding ground for parlors with artisan, organic, and creative ice creams (served in compostable cups, no less!). Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous get what the citywide obsession is about—and stand up to the sugary challenge.

The Mr. and Mrs. behind the Miscellaneous are Annabelle and Ian, a husband-and-wife team that runs the ice cream shop tucked in the quiet dog patch at 22nd and 3rd Street. It could be an easy miss for those not in the know, but the line out the door suggests the secret is out, and for good reason. The flavors offered are rich, interesting combinations literally hand-churned by the duo themselves. Their offerings change daily and include combinations you won’t find anywhere else. The corn and caramel (like caramel corn, only creamier) and a Fernet (herbal liquor)-flavored scoop are so interesting, layered, and delicious that you’ll forget what day it is.

Annabelle and Ian started M&MM after they had their first baby and wanted to be more in control of their schedule. The couple is not just a part of the process from beginning to end; they are the


    Visit Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous
    699 22nd Street
    San Francisco
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