Flavors of Thailand
By Jeremy Joven

San Francisco doesn’t have a shortage of Thai restaurants. Almost every main street in every district has a locals’ spot designated as the next best thing for an uncomplicated dinner when you don’t feel like hopping on the Muni. What a lot of those places have in common is a very standard menu with the same flavors and dependable taste we all are used to. Lers Ros, unlike the usual spots, is worth the trip twice over.

Tom Silargom, chef and owner of Lers Ros, elevates Thai food to a different level without adding a high price tag. His sauces are as sweet as his smile and as spicy as his passion for home-style Thai. He and his wife, Sarah, run a tight ship serving quality food that Tom’s mom from Thailand would be proud of.

When he first arrived in the US, Tom started off working at Lemongrass on Polk, though his keen sense of flavor and preparation came from the lessons his mom taught him back home. Equipped with his passion for cooking and his desire to serve the best Thai food in the city, Lers Ros (translated as “Excellent Taste of Food”) was born three years ago and now has two locations to give San Franciscans the extraordinary flavors of Thailand.

When dining at Lers Ros as a newbie, you’ll find yourself with the dilemma of choosing one dish off the hefty menu of 100-plus items. It offers the traditional items we’re used to, like Pad Thai,


    Dine at Lers Ros
    307 Hayes Street
    San Francisco
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