This relocation provided the team with the needed room to offer a great location for artists to work and share their talents. Space is a precious commodity anywhere in San Francisco, so the fact that one of Gravel & Gold’s main priorities is to help so many artists show and gain exposure for their work is exceptional. “It’s fantastic, because we get to meet so many new people,” Em continues. “We’re stoked to be able to share useful and youthful beauty with our customers. It’s really allowed us to develop even better friendships, connections, and bonds with great people!”

While many of these relationships are local, one is particularly close. Located in Gravel & Gold’s back room, Gravel & Gold Goods features fantastic patterned textile designs mainly created by Holly Samuelsen. Others hail from far-off places, like artist Alya B. Kazakevich of a.b.k, who creates beautifully crafted leather bags and shoes in her Chinatown, N.Y., studio. Mike Abelson creates pieces for his line, Postako, such as fashionable leather envelopes with metallic eyelets (which organized individuals swoon over) in Tokyo, Japan. However, with well over 100 artists represented from around the world, it’s no wonder this boutique has something for everyone.



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