Gravel & Gold. A True Gem in The Mission
By Dawn Hunt

Shopping in any city, neighborhood, or mall for a quality store can be like sifting through rubble for a diamond in the rough. The same can be said for shopping in the Mission. You have the good and bad of retail operating side by side in hodgepodge harmony. However, when you wander into Gravel & Gold, you know you’ve hit pay dirt!

Owned and operated by a team of diverse, creative, and passionate women —Cassie McGettigan, Lisa Foti-Straus, and Nile Nash— Gravel & Gold has created an inviting space for an amazing group of artists and craft makers to showcase their wares in style. Since opening in May 2008, it has grown into not only a fantastic boutique, but also a true establishment of San Francisco that encompasses all that resonates with the Bay City’s colorful and inspired culture, especially that of the Mission. Gravel & Gold offers handmade art, gifts, jewelry, pottery, clothing, children’s toys, and much more for the shopper looking for that one-of-kind, funky, or special item.

“We began at ActivSpace in the Mission, as Lisa had a studio and closet storefront,” says Em, the store’s manager, “which offered us a place to begin selling our pieces. From there, we were able to host trunk shows and events, and after a short time, things began to really move quickly. The outpouring of support allowed us to move to our current space.”


    Visit Gravel & Gold
    3266 21st St. San Francisco
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