This year’s Food Issue is packed with great places to eat from small lunch places to the city’s finest. We’ve been building a list of our favorite restaurants for the last year and we could not be more excited to share them with you.

Mr. Pollo



Lers Ros

Wise Sons

If the saying You are what you eat is true, then San Francisco is a city of veggie-loving, bacon-drenched drunkards with incessant caffeine jitters. At least, that’s what our poll results would lead us to believe. This foodie city, though healthy in various aspects, is a land of gluttonous consumers with an adventurous palate often craving creativity within a dish while always asking the same question: Is what I’m eating sourced ethically? Green, organic, low carbon footprint, free range, farm raised… Yes, we have demands. Thankfully, the restaurateurs in the city are up to the task—and are most likely responsible for the way we choose what we eat and love.

We polled just over 100 people through our website and asked our readers what they love to eat... Here are the results.

Eating Fashionably
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