adventurous. Spinello and Stuff’s workers find it amazing how well people pick things out for themselves, but they are still always willing to lend a hand.

With 70 different dealers with their own individual tastes and sometimes many personal styles, the bevy of choices is awe inspiring. The recent opening of the second story—a very impressive new addition—allows smaller spaces to become bigger and creates more opportunity for new dealers to utilize show space in SF’s densely populated Mission District. Stuff’s dealers are often in the store at any given time, bringing in new items and arranging their personal displays.

It is a great chance for customers to develop a relationship with dealers or just to get an education on a certain era, artist, or designer that interests them. When Spinello and Lenker decided to take their passion and make it bigger and better, they succeeded in focusing on the community. Longer retail hours every day of the week and a multitude of delivery options really open up this specialty marketplace to the people who live and work in the city. Instead of going out and filling that space in your apartment with the next new thing—which looks a lot like that other new thing—maybe it’s worth a look at Stuff’s quality vintage and retro options. They might just fit the bill.

Visit Stuff at 150 Valencia St., (Near Duboce) San Francisco, CA


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