Robert Polacek
Profile by Jeremy Joven

Design thrives in San Francisco. With every new restaurant popping up, from Union Square to Valencia Street, you’ll easily find trends that are inspired by our love of design and sustainability. Have you ever wondered who designs those lavish, beautiful and innovative interiors?

Bob Puccini founded Puccini Group, San Francisco’s very own internationally known hospitality design firm, in 1996. Since then, the group’s talented bunch has been strategically and creatively transforming businesses in SF and around the globe with creative solutions for the modern consumer. Emotions are greatly affected by design, and judging by the Puccini roster, the mood is stylishly sexy.

As the chief creative officer, Robert Polacek pulls inspiration from everyday experiences and the five senses. “Everything around me is an inspiration,” he says. “Getting to travel so much for work, I’m constantly looking and observing what is going on, market by market. With fashion, art, food and design, it all comes together. … Sometimes looking back on the past when it comes to design helps me open my mind to new and innovative ways of achieving a certain style.”

In their latest project, Jasper’s Corner Tap in the Tenderloin, the team designed a masterful mix of art and hospitality. Tory Schenkkan, one of the designers at Puccini Group, follows many SF art



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