console and panel desk. … It just kind of grew.” From simple inspiration came the numerous designs Jeremiah now offers at his warehouse and Etsy store, often custom-designed to fit client’s ideas.

Many of the side tables and coffee tables he builds have the same aesthetic, though sizing depends on the individual’s living space. Of course, ordering a customized piece may cost more and could take over two months to build, depending on how busy Jeremiah and his crew are at their workshop, but it’s a great feeling when you have a beautifully crafted piece of furniture made just for you to fit that awkward corner in your bedroom.

His clients are spreading from the Bay Area all the way to Hawaii, New York and Switzerland, all impressed with his unique approach to natural and sustainable design. Nielson picks lower-grade wood, which has more graining and color variance than the preferred woodcut that most designers go for. Made with solid walnut, white oak or reclaimed wood, each piece is one of a kind, hand-crafted with nature’s imperfections. Whether you’re a minimalist or an Earth-conscious consumer, you’ll easily agree that his locally sourced and made furniture fits the San Franciscan lifestyle to a T.

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