OHIO’s first commercial success was “Blocky,” a simple, wooden rectangle sanded to perfection. Whether used as a stool, an end table or a nightstand, the piece embodies the company’s mission: simple, honest designs composed of quality materials that are meant to bring nature into modern environments.

Since incorporating in 2000, OHIO has grown by leaps and bounds. Its client list now includes local establishments such as 18 Reasons and the Southern Pacific Brewing Company, as well as larger organizations like Heath Ceramics and SunRun.

“I used to labor over whether to purchase the $52 or the $59 tool at Builder’s Hardware,” David says. “Now we’ve purchased a $50,000 digital saw.” The expansion won’t stop there; David intends to convert the front of OHIO’s 7,000-square-foot workshop into a showroom, and he has plans to launch a Contract Line that will allow businesses to place large-scale orders. But smaller projects will never be lost. Any of the random materials strewn about the shop—the rope, the stools, the various lighting components—could form Pierce’s next pet project. “Maybe I’ll wrap a mirror in rope. With the stools I want to make something cool, something interesting. The lights are a piece within themselves,” he says. But as with everything Pierce makes, “it needs to be a measured approach. It has been and will always be about the furniture.” Regardless of how they are utilized, the end result will be like all things OHIO: simple.



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