Andrew Perkins
Profile by Jeremy Joven

The future envisioned in the early 20th century involved polyplastics and scientifically engineered materials. Far from what they envisioned, today’s San Franciscans have given renewed worth to traditional and organic materials by continually utilizing raw, sustainable materials from Mother Nature in furniture for today and tomorrow. These early visionaries might think we have devolved. However, with our new understanding of and affection for our environment, we are enabling our future generations to live longer and healthier lives, to continually evolve, create and flourish.

Andrew Perkins is one of the designers leading the industry, with creative designs enhanced by technological advancements that create provocative furnishings today with the look of tomorrow, all without utilizing man-made hazardous materials.

Perkins’s aesthetic is a result of his passion for honest materials, a reverence for traditional craft, and a fascination with new building technologies. He “strives to create objects made from a combination of natural and recyclable materials that are useful, beautiful and innovative,” he says, and his “focus is on improving life in a small urban apartment.” In fact his recent work strives “to expand the function of an object, use space in a more intelligent way, and bring a sense of nature indoors.”



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Art & Design Issue - Released July 2012
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Issue 11
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