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DIGITAL EDITION Volume 2 Issue 4 - Throwback 1912 Issue

San Francisco, you’ve come a long way from 1912. Just think, 100 years ago you had to take steam trains to get to the Richmond from downtown. You picked yourself up from the ashes of the 1906 earthquake and turned yourself into a metropolis envied by cities all over the world. One hundred years later, you keep proving to the world that a small city with passionate dwellers is a thing of beauty.

Your buildings speak of your history—every street a reminder of the colorful life you have lived. All the while, you modernize yourself to meet today’s needs for sustainable living. You continue to be a haven of creativity, a community of lovers, and a preserver of beauty. May you continually establish a society of critical thinkers, a bevy of inventors, and a community strengthened by its camaraderie in the next 100 years, as you reach your goal of becoming a utopian paradise to which the rest of the world aspires.

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Throwback Issue - Released May 2012
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