Asterisk San Francisco Magazine is a publication of local treasures in the art of living in the urban city of San Francisco. A select number of contributors write articles of interest with only the most opulent activities worth exploring. We kid. Our publication’s contributors are regular folks of the third class, as some would put it—a mix of poor chaps and loose women pretending to be of blue blood.

Sir Jeremy Joven A lover of the printed word, Sir Jeremy Joven enjoys people watching at local cafes while exploring new and exciting hubs of entertainment to feature in the publication. He favors the appeal of bourgeois living while feeding his addiction to caffeine and distilled spirits. Often times his silence is mistaken for snobbery, indeed often times they are correct.

Miss Laura Zimmerman Though she presents herself as a lady of leisure, you’ll be surprised to know that Miss Zimmerman has been known to knock back a few beers as good as any gent in the pub. She frequently faints at the sight of mustached bar men swigging drinks without sharing. Beware of her sweet demeanor, however, as her coyness is usually a means to men’s riches. It is rumored that she hides more than her girlish figure under the bustle of her skirts...

Lady Dawn Hunt Hailing from the heights of the social elite, but preferring to rustle her fabulous gowns with everyone no matter station, Lady Dawn is known as the current Mistress of Fashion. Her humble and gracious manner makes her the envy of many, for her classic style and elegance is renowned and revered across the globe. However, what few people know is that this fine lady acts as her own stylist and cares for herself without the aid of a lady’s maid or valet.

Mistress Chelsea Larsson With her delicate features and regal attitude, Mistress Larsson seems to be the ideal and proper young woman. Do not be fooled. It is said that she secretly runs a pub in the nearby village and has been known to seduce foreign visitors. During a spirited bocce game last spring, Mistress Larsson disappeared with a visiting Norwegian count, only to return a fortnight later with no explanation and a pet fox.

Count Jonathan Hirsch Born of the clandestine relations of a wealthy print baron and a traveling violin saleswoman who died in childbirth, Jonathan made his fortune moonlighting as a funeral home accompanist and professional eulogist while putting himself through magician’s college. As part of his graduating thesis, he successfully infused his cape with knowledge of the most absurd pleasures currently enjoyed by city folk in the art of words and music.

Lord Alexander Winter As cold as the season he is named after, Lord Alexander never lets out any emotion at a formal dinner. Beware, for if you shall be so tempted to get him to spill in laughter, then you shall be covered in stitches with his latest comedic routine. Do not test him, or he will test you.

Madame Dorothy Santos If it is fun and pleasure you seek, then look no further. Madame Santos will entice you into delightful artful boudoir conversation. Prior to joining the arts, she wooed many suitors as a salon model for figure drawing classes and learned the art of seduction. She was given the nickname Fanny. Beware of her charms, for she will steal not only your money, but also your heart.


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