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Perhaps the oldest restaurant in San Francisco is the least talked about. Out on Bayshore Boulevard on the way to Hunters Point is The Old Clam House. This restaurant has been here since 1861. Originally a hangout for waterfront workers and the fine people of San Francisco’s thriving fishing industry, it has great seafood selections. The practiced waiters glide around the dining room and bar, which constitutes the original portion of this restaurant. This area was originally waterfront just below Bernal Heights. Today, the surrounding area is obviously much different. There have been a slew of different owners at The Old Clam House, but they have all served the same delicious, fresh ingredients, most of which come straight from the Bay.

So next time you can’t decide which hip new restaurant that you’re going to wait an hour to enjoy, travel back in time and visit one of the original San Francisco spots that made our city famous, and sink your teeth into the area’s oldest “local” ingredients.


TADICH GRILL 240 California St.

JOHN’S GRILL 63 Ellis St.

THE OLD CLAM HOUSE 299 Bayshore Blvd.




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