Style: Archetype Boutique
By Dawn Hunt

It isn’t surprising to find something unique and original in San Francisco. Heck, this city may have more artists per square foot than any other place in the world. However, Jarred Garza is a designer with the talent you’d find on Project Runway. Now, I don’t mean that there aren’t thousands of truly talented fashion designers, but how many of them are still looking to dress each and every customer from the pattern out, and with hand-selected vintage fabrics, no less? Sadly, not many true personal wardrobe designers and tailors exist for the average person to access, but that talent is what sets Garza and his boutique apart from the mass of department stores lining Market Street and Union Square a few blocks away.

Garza’s love of fashion has always been the focus of his life. “I’ve been thrifting since I was a kid. I love vintage! I’ve always known I wanted to be a designer. There wasn’t and isn’t another option I’d want to pursue.” So when it was time for this fashion-ister to further his education, he chose FIDM Los Angeles, where he graduated with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. After graduation, Garza accepted an internship with Jeremy Scott, where he assisted with the designing of the Sexabition collection. While there, he also

    in Downtown SF
    984 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA
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