rule one is never enough, I took it up to level-two alcoholic with an absinth cocktail. When my drink arrived it was over flowing with a soft, sweet snowball of delicate flavors. My glass was heaping with the best Hawaiian ice a girl could ever hula for, my fears were buried about the intimidating worm’s wood liquor.

Our visit was more than complete, proving the most unusual attractions that the Royal Cuckoo can fluff its feathers about are not the only reasons to visit. We unluckily missed a few of the legendary musical lures; Wednesday through Sunday this jeweled crown of a bird features a live organist, and the Cuckoo has also been rumored to end the night with a blues crooning bouncer.

Everything about the Royal Cuckoo begs you to slow down. The small space harbors details that demand attention, the subtle cocktail flavors lend themselves to small tastes, and the acoustics give the opportunity for conversation to steal a few hours from your life. All of the above, plus the possibility of future musical enchantments under its wing, guarantees that this San Franciscan will be returning shortly.

3202 Mission St. San Francisco

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