Nightlife: Royal Cuckoo
by Laura Zimmerman

Looking for a new favorite watering hole in the Mission? Step into the Royal Cuckoo in Bernal Heights, (or La Lengua for you discerning readers). Year-round Christmas lights, antlers, portraits of blank eyed children, and church pews are just a few of the surroundings that lend to its cozy-creepy atmosphere.

Once you’ve warmed up to your new surroundings, warm up your belly with some specialty cocktails. Although the drink menu board looks like it was written by an honest-to-goodness rooster, don’t let the illegible scratchings deter you, as the bartenders can whip up one mean cocktail. And by that, I actually mean the talented bar staff will take their calculated time to make you the most delicious whistle-wetter known to man. Despite their cash-only restrictions and prices in the teens, it’s well worth the Andrew Jackson and wait for mixed perfection in a martini glass.

Between sips of my first boozey blend, Carnival Mule, two hours had drifted by as my friends and I chatted over the eclectic mix of records playing in the background. Because I live by the

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