It’s incredibly easy to make people feel guilty about not being philanthropic. It’s not as easy to actually make them do something about it. Until now. Movember, a campaign about prostate cancer and other health issues affecting men, requests that participants, known as “Mo-Bros,” go razor-free for one month and raise funds through pledges. Like a walkathon, but on your face.

Hardship? Not really. In fact, you just gained five extra minutes of sleep each morning, saved your drain a month’s worth of clogging, and, if you weren’t already sporting tight pants and boat shoes, earned yourself come-ons by a novel demographic of dive-bar-frequenting ‘stache-loving hipsters. Yes; incessant emails, tweets, and Facebook posts to solicit funds, flyering at your office, and setting up bake sales at your law firm will take some effort. And true, your significant other and coworkers will have a name-calling and kiss-dodging heyday, but it’s for charity, so suck it up.

For some, the buzzwords “moustache” and “challenge” were enough to get them on the bandwagon. “I thought it would be fun to test myself and see if I could look ugly for a month and still get girls,” says 23-year-old Gap, Inc. employee Mark Spera, whose “role mo-del” is Hulk Hogan and “mo-tivation” is Lance Armstrong. “I failed.”

“I’ve been a Livestrong supporter for as long as it has been around,” says Olin Johanssen, 30, a planning analyst for Gap, Inc. “When it was brought to my attention that we could raise even more awareness about men’s health issues by donning seriously masculine upper-lip maturity, I was sold.”

“Initially, it was the mustachioed hijinks that sucked me in,” says Randy Warner, 31, an information systems analyst and part-time lumberjack from Yuba City who raised over $900 by designing and selling moustache t-shirts.

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