Incubating local talent is a way of life for Krouse, who gave locals a great venue to hone their craft- like Will Blades, who started playing Jazz at Madrone many years ago, now traveling the globe with his show and the popular Indie Video/Music Dance Party: Fringe, now spreading to bigger venues in the city. “Without Mike, Fringe would not exist! He took a chance on our idea of an indie music video night when it was just a handful of friends coming out to see us DJ. He helped the night grow and supported every idea we had to make the event special. The enthusiastic energy of the community that comes to Madrone Art Bar is in large part to Mike’s passion for making one of the most unique bars in San Francisco.” - Kristin Graff (DJ Blondie K of Fringe.

Shall you find yourself looking for inspiration to live a fulfilling life that will make you happy, look to your passions to fulfill those dreams. Follow Michael’s and the other people featured in this issues’ footsteps and live a life shared with your community, while staying true to your dreams.

You’ll be surprised how that energy and vibe can easily attract like-minded people, especially in San Francisco where community comes first.

Have a cocktail with “Spike” at Madrone Art Bar or support the many talents flowing through the hub on Divis.
Check out Michael’s art on his website.

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