Dine: Heirloom Cafe
by Jeremy Joven

If there’s one thing to note about small neighborhood restaurants, it’s that their long-term success in a predominantly residential area is a solid statement that they serve good food. That truly is the case with Heirloom Cafe.

Situated on the corner of 21st and Folsom in the Mission district, Heirloom Cafe is a delightful dinner spot serving uncomplicated dishes, perfect for those looking for a relaxed night out of dining splendor. Matt Strauss, opened Heirloom Cafe in 2009 and has been regarded by many critics as a master restaurateur and unparalleled sommelier. His vision is simple: offer a selection of handpicked wines and pair it with wholesome dishes.

The dining room at Heirloom Cafe is a reflection of simplicity and welcoming appeal, with its design with dim lighting, beautiful artisan-style communal tables, comfortable bentwood chairs with a simple and clean table setting, and an open kitchen where aromas induce your appetite and classic jazz to get you in the best mood. We also visited his impressive wine cellar, which he loves to showcase to diners, which adds to the experience.

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