I produced my own art shows in cafes, salons, and bars, and started collecting art at the age of 23. My first piece was for $800 by Anthony Ausgang from LA. I started making money working at bars and clubs and at a certain point I decided to quit that and decided to open a gallery, knowing that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Q Who is on your radar?

A Ched Hasagawa. He paints the big bear murals with large brush strokes all over the city. He is amazing.

Q How do you feel about graffiti and stencils on sidewalks?

A For me, I love anything that I think is attractive. I like anything that I think is cool and beautiful. Like anything else, we all have our own opinions and we all have our own ideas about everything.

Cities tend to have a few things going on, visually ultra-clean, where everything looks the same. Architecturally they are beautiful, but it's a little boring because it all looks the same.

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White Walls Gallery
839 Larkin Street
art: Make an Effort
David Young (D Young V)

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