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Not your typical art gallery, White Walls focuses on Street and Urban contemporary art that speaks to a youthful crowd and those young-at-heart. With that approach, the stuffy feeling you get when you enter a hollow gallery with dramatic lighting and shiny floors isn't present. Instead, you're in a place where your passions are awakened, your voice is met, and you're a witness to art created by your generation.

Justin Giargla, the man behind the success of White Walls (and two other popular art galleries all in the TL) believes that art doesn't have to be arrogant or stuffy. His mission is to bring the diverse world of New Urban Art to everyone in the community and not just to connoisseurs. In fact, he invites everyone to walk in, have a conversation about art, and allow White Walls introduce these amazing talents to the masses.

Named for its plain white walls, the gallery takes a backseat to its real focus. Since 2005, White Walls has been inspiring the community with the voice of the art shown—the heart and vibrancy street art brings to a neighborhood, by consistently showing great talents locally

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White Walls Gallery
839 Larkin Street
art: Make an Effort
David Young (D Young V)

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