Design: Room4

You've read about our never-ending love for second-hand vintage furniture before—about it's green impact and timelessness. But the thing that makes vintage furniture appealing is a well-curated collection of stuff that would otherwise go into the garbage, seen by proprietors as pure vintage gold.

Room4 on Valencia is a small shop started by David Marks back in 2008 when he and his partner relocated to San Francisco from Austin, Texas. David always dreamt of opening his own store to share his love for vintage furniture and obsession with lamps. When the perfect spot became available on a very different Valencia street a few years ago, he jumped at the opportunity and started hand-picking 20th century furnishings to populate the store.

Colorful is the perfect word to describe what you'd find at Room4, with a collection of home accessories in brilliant colors from the lively decades of the 60s and 70s.

The shoe-box sized shop stocks hat boxes, vintage phones, old Playboys, and cabinets to hide them in. Tchotchkes and knick-knacks

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