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Portuguese Art Colony

There comes a time in our life where we all ask ourselves, Well, what do we do now? The resultant answer often leads us in an unexpected direction, toward unexpected things that can be infinitely more fruitful than the crossroad from which we came.

Portuguese Artist Colony started out, as with many colonies in our history, with a bright notion that was soon dimmed by unfortunate circumstances. Founding colonist Caitlyn Myer had set out to start an artist colony in Portugal with the recent good fortune awarded to her through a certain dot-com she worked for in Seattle. Before she had the opportunity to vest her stock interest in the company, it went south.

Years later, the notion of a collective literary venture survived, and in collaboration with several writers of like mind and the support of Fivepoints Arthouse, the Portuguese Artist Colony of San Francisco was born.

The monthly reading features works from the founding members, select featured authors, and a live writing segment all structured around intelligent and thought-provoking themes. PAC is easily the classiest reading series in the city. What is special about this reading is how well the program fits together, and how thoughtfully curated the whole event is. You never once get that, Oh my god, did I just wear a beret to an open mic? feeling. More likely you'll get the feeling that you gained special access to literary pilgrims at work, as they pen swords all over the battlefields of the imagination.

Much is in store for Caitlyn and the founding colonists in the coming days. In addition to being featured in phase III of the Litquake Litcrawl on October 15th, the Portuguese Artist Colony has started its own small press, PAC Books, which will debut with a small volume of stories by Ian Tuttle very soon. Fortunately for us, Portugal will just have to wait.