DINE: Mission Cheese

When Sarah Dvorak envisioned the mission of her cheese project, it was a stylish yet comfortable eatery where San Franciscans could relax, enjoy quality cheeses at affordable prices, and above all, have fun. After a few years of ideation, a tasting trip around Europe with her parents and an abandoned corporate cubicle, Sarah opened Mission Cheese at 736 Valencia Street on April 13, 2011. The concept of a fine, sit-down cheese bar still seems foreign to many Americans, who traditionally have viewed it as a luxury item for rich and well-traveled Europeans. Yet quality cheeses are now being produced all over the United States, and, after tasting many of them at Mission Cheese, are certainly deserving of some swanky French street cred.

This is why Sarah chooses to showcase new and interesting domestic cheeses, which she hopes will only continue to be refined. In homage to the mom and pop cheese shops that almost went extinct in the 1980s, Mission Cheese is a shining contribution to the resurgence of artisan and farmstead cheeses.

Unlike a restaurant that serves cheese, this space should be thought of as a cheese bar that just

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