When making a first impression, what part of your face gets noticed first? Your eyes! So when it comes to glasses, whether prescription or purely for fashion, what you wear matters.

We teamed up with celebrity stylists James Peo at VEO optics to select eight of the season's hottest styles when it comes to eyewear. Peo emphasizes that when picking the most complimentary eyewear, it's not just the shape you need to think about.

1. Oliver Peoples – Riley R For those looking for a round frame the Riley R is generally suitable for those with elongated or oval shaped faces. If you are looking for a vintage studious look, you may be interested in this frame. $320-330

2. Oliver Peoples – Altman The Altman is a bold and defining frame that is angular with deep temples and a contoured bridge. They feature an unwavering frame and are perfect for a man who wants to make a strong statement. They come in a military green color that's a great alternative to black. $339-$400

3. Dita – Avocet This handcrafted titanium frame with a floating lens makes for an exceptionally well-crafted sunglass. If you are looking for a lightweight, unique, and structured option, the Avocet is the frame for you. $400-$450

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