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Lazy Southern French Toast

We decided it's time you learn how to cook. Oftimes you attempt to make complicated dishes that novices (lazy people) can't and shouldn't really try to start their culinary journey with, so we've created a new column just for you - THE LAZY KITCHEN.

With a handful of simple ingredients, 20 bucks and 30 minutes, the LAZY KITCHEN can help you make meals to impress those you want to impress.

In this issue - the recipe is Lazy Southern French Toast. It's seriously delicious and ridiculously easy to make. We tried it out at a friends brunch over the weekend and it was a hit!

It is basically a variation of a Southern French Toast with a lazy cook in mind. Instead of slaving away in front of your stove, flipping toast and aiming for that perfect browning - you prep, bake, and walk away. Your future x-lover will love you forever if you make her this dish.