The New and Illusive La Lengua District: An Outskirt's Territory in the Making

"What neighborhood do you live in?" A typical, yet highly loaded question everyone encounters when living in SF. Stereotypes abound with each 'hood mentioned, but what about those unfortunate border inhabitants? How can we immediately pass judgments if we're not sure what neighborhood you're from? Which brings us to a small strip of San Francisco coined La Lengua by local residents and bloggers alike. Situated on the outskirts of the Mission but not in the heights of Bernal, La Lengua is loosely defined as the triangle of city blocks from 24th Street to where Mission and Dolores meet.

Burrito Justice blogger Johnny O. holds the claim to fame for throwing the meaty title over his personal stomping grounds. One blog post went viral and eventually landed La Lengua on google maps—solidifying its validity with locals throughout the city. Previous names failed to capture the spirit of the area, while La Lengua spits it in your face. With a nod to Mexican culture and the physical lay of the land, while just plain catchy sounding, the name literally rolls off the tongue.

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