Like most 9-5ers, before I even form a fist to punch the clock on Friday I'm salivating for a drank. We work hard during the week, and sometimes that warrants sloppily shaking a tail feather, but most of the time, Friday calls for a bitch-fest about our maddeningly inept co-workers. Heart is the place to do that without straining a vocal chord; lean over and actually chat with your communal bench neighbor, make a new friend, or at least talk to the one you brought. Avoid those fake smiles and blank nods common at your typical volume-offensive bar, and chat away while sipping your Spanish sangiovese. Relax, wine glass in hand, or in this case, a mason jar.

This place exudes style in a San Franciscan way; minimalistic in the sense of stripping away the superfluous. Following in the footsteps of other great restaurant establishments in the Mission, Heart opts for an atomically correct organ, instead of traditional text, literally symbolizing its place in the city. Heart's high ceilings paired with appropriate level music leaves this place acoustically blessed, and all the more comfortable. The rotating gallery walls, exposed dimmed lighting, and warm wood fixtures don't hurt in making the space inviting either.

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