Design: Ashley Ording's Darling Room

Have you ever wondered how a style-conscious girl makes room for hundreds of shoes and dresses in a city of shoe-box sized dwellings? Ever wonder how a fashion blogger does it? We decided to take a peek inside one of San Francisco's most darling fashion bloggers, Ashley Ording, to find out how she makes do with her fashion-packed urban quarters fit for a princess.

Q How long have you been blogging and how much of your home life is influenced by your style?

A I've been doing Fancy Fine for over a year now, but I've had a web site in some form or another since I was 13. My home and style are pretty intertwined at this point. The only thing that has changed in my surroundings as a result of the blog is the amount of vintage hanging around my apartment. I've definitely been collecting more and more, partly because of my Etsy shop.

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