DINE: Wexler's

Not every dining experience in the Financial District requires deep pockets and high heels anymore. Wexler's, and the many other casual, high-quality restaurants that have filled the vacant spaces in the past few years, welcome the diversity that San Francisco is known for. By bus, BART, or chauffeur; beer, cocktails, or spirits, they've learned that to be successful in this city, you need to give us what we want—options.

Like most San Franciscans, you may check Yelp, 7x7, or the Chronicle for good eats, and find Wexler's listed under a 'Nouveau Barbeque', 'Cal-que,' or some other clever categorization that doesn't quite explain chef Charlie Kleinman's farm-to-table take on barbeque, but don't walk in expecting checkered floors and red baskets of BBQ ribs shoved in your face. In fact, the biggest shocker to first-timers is the quality of Wexler's design and service.

Matt certainly hit the jackpot when he discovered Aidlin Darling Design while searching for the future home of Wexler's. Joshua Aidlin, the artistic genius behind Bar Agricole and Bar Bambino, created the restaurant's signature

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