As I walked from the Mission district toward the Castro in San Francisco I spotted Unionmade clothing store at 493 Sanchez Street. Upon entering, my eyes feast on the quality of garments I was surrounded by. I expected to see a well-groomed Paul Bunyan cruising for Baxter of California skin care and grooming products. As I perused the store I felt like I was in on a secret.

The large assortment of customers would make you wonder what the secret ingredient was that drew people from all over to Unionmade. The shop's owner, Todd Barket, like a proud papa says, "I think people come to us because we have a point of view. I work really hard to bring together brands from all over the world that no one else has brought together in the Bay Area. The way merchandising stories are told is very important and people can't always put together what it is that they like about the store, but they always make a reference to the design aspect."

Unionmade has an elaborate jumble of people shopping in the store. Whether you've stumbled into this gem of a shop accidentally or gained

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