DESIGN: Therapy

Therapy is industrial eclectic circus. Formerly focused on mid-century Danish modern furniture and decorations when Jing Chen and Wayne Whelan started it in May of 1994, Therapy has developed its theme further since by incorporating elements of circus and carnival. A "Spoondelier" chandelier made with spoons is one of the many clever things that make this place so aesthetically exciting.

Etchings by local artist Dave Marcoullier and shimmering Golden Gate Bridge metal wall art by C.Jeré's Artisan House are just a glimpse of this eclectic collection. The wide range of quirky merchandise they carry includes lamps, rugs, playfully balanced mobiles, and a variety of curious little decorative novelties. A Sutro Tower and animal trophies made from cardboard and expressive red letters with exposed incandescent light bulbs in carnival style can catch almost anyone's eye. Moreover, alongside gorgeous home-style industrial bar stools, sofas, and other furniture, are colorful accents of vibrant pillows throughout the store. Some of Therapy's wall art

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