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In a city densely populated with high-rise apartments, old Victorian's, pockets of concrete jungle, and colorful urban backdrops, San Franciscans hold their local smattering of greenery close to heart. There's nothing more enjoyable than sprawling belly-up on spongy blades of grass while sucking in a lung-full of fresh air after a busy week filled with tumultuous MUNI rides and precarious lines at Trader Joe's.

San Francisco parks are a safe haven from hectic city life; a sigh of relief after a 9-5'er; a sanctuary of urban gentrification where worlds collide and a symphony of cracked PBR cans can be heard over persistent wind and singing birds. San Francisco parks are an excuse to gather aimlessly and soak up your daily vitamin D while simultaneously catching up with a friend you haven't seen in months. San Francisco parks are a percolator of romance; a place where hearts are left behind and reclaimed at the first inkling of good weather.

With every option from the small and compact, large and expanding, lush and colorful, mountainous and rocky, and off-leash dog-friendly, there's something for everyone, regardless of whether you have an affinity for roughin' it, or revel in the joy of day drinking. You can loathe getting your hands dirty and wretch at the thought of camping, but love sunbathing and strolling aimlessly while holding hands under a backdrop of green canopy. Nothing is required of you in a San Francisco park, just that you enjoy your own experience.

There are over 220 parks within the tightly packed confines of San Francisco's borders, all tirelessly maintained by The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. Their crowning glory—Golden Gate Park, of course! The mother-load of leisure and outdoor fun; where locals and people from all over the world visit to collectively marvel, frolic, and