STYLE: Reliquary

Hayes Valley is an eclectic mix of people, businesses, and homes. It carries no stereotypes, holds no strategic formulas, and welcomingly shatters neighborhood molds. It's the perfect habitat for a boutique like Reliquary; a repository where sacred relics are displayed, sold, and transferred to eager customers for inspired adornment and pure indulgence.

Reliquary opened its eccentric doors and accompanying penny-coated walkway in March of 2011 and has since left quite an impression on a city with impossibly high style standards. The owner, Leah Bershad, is a curator of the new and old, the trendy and withstanding, and all things beautiful in between. Reliquary sells a variety of vibrant vintage threads, punctuated against a backdrop of dark wood and stormy-blue walls.

The space itself isn't massive, yet it's easy to get lost within the nooks and crannies of its confines. The eye curiously wanders through wood-chopped racks swollen with impeccable garments, up tranquil, purse-lined walls, across nick-knack stuffed cubbies, and museum-like jewelry displays.

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