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LIT: Quiet Lightning
By Jonathan Hirsch

Why do San Franciscans love their city so much? I'm of the mind that one of the main reasons is that we are continually revived by new ideas, new people, and new approaches. Overnight groups form, build alliances, and take over the streets and clubs and places of congress with the vigor and suddenness of the evening fog that comes tumbling from the ocean down the streets of the panhandle. It still amazes me that a popular food cart can tweet a location hours before opening, and by the time you get there the line is circling around the block. This town is full of people with two fingers rapping on the pulse.

Quiet Lightning, now undoubtedly the city's flagship literary event, has essentially turned a quiet street corner into a block party with the wave of a wand. In so doing they have answered some questions I've held about the literary scene (or lack thereof): how does one build community in the shadows of the heroes of American literature who have called San Francisco home?

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