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Art is everywhere you look in San Francisco. What we wear, what we eat, and where we live. Nothing is more prominent in the world of art as the beautiful murals painted all over the city. Many reflecting the wealth of artistic culture in San Francisco.

From the Mission to the Sunset district, murals grace otherwise barren walls—rejuvenating pale streets and adding color and culture to our lives. Murals also serve as portrait backdrops and much like ancient art, tourists and locals flock to see murals; studying every stroke and searching for meaning.

There are many great graffiti artists in the city bravely displaying their art in the streets; some commissioned by buildings, others renegade artists seeking audiences. San Francisco welcomes all, especially those who are teaming up with local organizations and property owners and getting busy with paint brushes and spray cans. The San Francisco Arts Commission in cooperation with the Department of Public Works have been combating unauthorized graffiti in the city by providing wall canvases to artists through its StreetsmARTS Program, saving the city a whopping 22 million dollars in cost for clean up. With this amazing program, they promote art, culture, and give artists a chance to showcase their talents in the best gallery of all: San Francisco's streets.

Precita Eyes in the Mission District hosts mural tours of over 80 works of art within an eight-block walk. While giving value to the art and heritage of murals, Precita Eyes also offers classes on mural painting and educates the community on the rich cultural background and the role it plays in our community.

Get to know some of the city's muralists by visiting our website, and learn about their inspirations and experiences first-hand.

San Francisco Arts Commission - StreetsmARTS