Anais Nin once said that the role of the writer is to not to say what we can but to say what we cannot. The sentiment certainly translates well into the visual arts. Often, dishonesty abounds in everyday pleasantries, which is why the artist strives to reveal the truths of human interaction. To detect the context and sub-context. The artist mines the crevices of everyday exchanges and finds the raw, unpolished, sometimes tarnished kernels of mundane gesture and speech to create something undeniable about the human condition. The artist is often brave enough to produce work that shows how one may conceal and obscure. Meet Carissa Potter. Her utilization of simple materials to express complex emotions is a clever depiction of the intensity and gravity of love in an authentic way.

Potter's drawings are created from various materials such as pen, ink, marker, and textiles. Along with printmaking and installation, not only is her work multifaceted but it takes on different dimensions to fit perfectly the ideas she is trying to convey. For instance, in her most recent exhibition, "Spread," which was showcased at the SOMArts Cultural Center, included the print-made piece, "You Love Me," which is an

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Please visit local art shop, Needles and Pens, if you're interested in owning your own Carissa Potter work.
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