Having attended a party that the Honeydrops recently played, I was blown away when the band strayed away from the stage with instruments in-hand while journeying into the crowd and leading the music directly onto the dance floor.

Boasting a saxophone, a trumpet, a melodica (a breath-powered keyboard—Google it) and a cowbell, the Honeydrops literally brought the house down; permitting the entire party to crouch down and make room before breaking into an a capella chorus (my thighs are still sore).

Spreadin' Honey is the band's attempt to bring fun, soulful music to the masses, and as the album's artwork depicts, it's on a global scale. Within the past two years, the band has played at festivals throughout Europe, including shows in the Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain. "We're looking to bring this homemade thing to a wider audience without sacrificing our artistic ideas and drives." Not having to bow to a record label has helped with that, but it's no small feat to book your own studio time on top of shows and travel. To aid in their approach, the Honeydrops have started recording material at live performances. "We're trying to capture the audience interaction and

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