The Synergyzine Reading and its publication Synergyzine seek to combine elements of performance, art, and collaboration under the umbrella of an ever-changing theme. The result is an inspiring and thoughtful project that invites the audience to take part in the spirit of discussion on the most powerful and important themes of our lives. Some of the themes from previous editions have included: Sex and Death, Entheogenesis, and Iconoclast. Sparked by the notion that opposing forces can come together and produce elements larger than the sum of their individual parts, Founding Editor Michael Warren Grant and Co-Editor Ricky Lee designed the Synergyzine and its reading as a kind of literary cabaret, in which performers and artists from a variety of disciplines contribute to the collective understanding of an idea. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by stained glass windows and soft lighting from ornate turn of the century chandeliers in what was once a chapel, the assembled collaborators performed

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