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Food Issue: Saison

Saison is a different sort of restaurant. It is not designed to remind one of another place they have been. The restaurant began as a once a week endeavor between former Chez TJ Chef Josh Skenes and renowned Bay Area Sommelier Mark Bright. Saison has ascended from their humble beginnings from one night a week to five, with a re-model, a new Molteni stove, and rave reviews.

The best restaurants don't set out to replicate someone else's success, but define their own by creating something truly inspired and original. It was clear to me that Josh's priority is flavor, and to create delicious food with the highest quality, local ingredients possible. He agrees that this does "obviously make ecological sense" but also affirmed my suspicion that he is motivated even more by trying to create food that tastes amazing. The not so recent re-model updates the off the kitchen dining room with cozy booths as well as a large stone hearth and wood burning oven on the patio. They also now seat the patio with the option of ordering the nine-course tasting menu a la carte.


Dine at Saison
2124 Folsom Street
San Francisco
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