Community: Outer Sunset

Once called "Outside Lands" in the late 1800s, the Outer Sunset we know today was nothing but sand dunes and hills just a couple hundred years ago. Abandoned streetcars used in the city prior to the arrival of electric ones became home to squatters in the area where a small settlement formed. This area, called Carville (now Ocean Beach), didn't see a lot of growth until after the quake of 1906 when developers began building track housing on top of the dunes, and later on seeing the last of the sandy areas in the early 1930's paving the way to the district we know today. 

Many people think of the Outer Sunset as a suburb of San Francisco, with its track housing and quiet suburban feel, but if you really think about it, the Outer Sunset is just like any neighborhood in our city; diverse, majestic, and picturesque at every corner. Sure you won't find San Francisco's signature Victorian homes everywhere, but the small houses in the area have a charm all their own.

With its population about 50% Asian descent, the area is home to some of the best Asian restaurants in the nearby outer Richmond and Inner Sunset districts, serving authentic food you..

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