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Food Issue: Local: Mission Eatery

Local: pertaining to, characteristic of, or restricted to a particular place or particular places. The definition seems simple enough and yet somehow San Francisco and its glorious foodies have made it hip, something highly sought after, a lifestyle to strive towards, an ethical image to uphold. Local is, in every sense of the word, Mission Eatery.

An inconspicuous gem amongst a lively urban backdrop of dive bars, taquerias, and murals, Local: Mission Eatery is a rustic sanctuary of cook book-lined walls, lush plants stuffed in satchels, mini chandeliers hanging over community seating, and most importantly, an open kitchen bustling with talented chefs working their magic over an open flame.
As local fish, veggies, eggs, dairy, meat, and fruit are crafted into gastrointestinal marvels, Executive Chef, Jacob Des Voignes, leads their seasoned and well-oiled team. Des Voignes' experience is hefty, having worked with prestigious restaurants such as Fifth Floor and Fish and Farm. Proudly mentioning his farm back in Lodi, he takes pleasure in planting those first seeds and seeing the process unfold into a gorgeously crafted entrée.

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Dine at Local: Mission Eatery
3111 24th Street
San Francisco
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LOCAL: Mission Eatery