Food Issue: Lafitte

Russell Jackson is a chef who deeply cares about the quality of his craft, the excellence of his crew and the satisfaction of his customers. He's also a man who gives himself pep talks in the car, skydives, and loves to entertain. So if he can make people happy by hitting his offbeat stride in the kitchen, then he has accomplished his life's goal.

Serving a cult underground following for years with his SubCulture Dining experience, "The Dissident Chef" has finally surfaced amid his new Pier 5 restaurant, Lafitte. Jackson chose the name from the story of Jean Lafitte, who was the "Gentleman Pirate" forced to smuggle luxury goods into New Orleans after the Embargo Act of 1807. Thus, the pirate namesake was fitting for a waterfront restaurant with an egalitarian, clever rebellion of people working outside the confines of fine dining bureaucracy. Adventure is what Jackson's culinary vision is all about - no white linens or lip service needed.

While Lafitte's industrial chic d├ęcor and crystal skull accents make for a sexy photo, the energy in the kitchen is something to experience first-hand. Picture Jackson and crew, each sporting a

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500 Embarcadero (PIER 5)
San Francisco
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