La Ciccia
Food Issue: La Ciccia

Really good, authentic Italian food is hard to come by in San Francisco. Unless you think Italian food is all pizza and meatballs. In the quaint neighborhood bordering Bernal Heights and Noe Valley, you'll find San Francisco's best: La Ciccia.

Chef Massimiliano Conti and his darling wife Lorella opened La Ciccia in 2006, and is a regional Italian restaurant (Sardinian) with one goal: to provide authentic Italian food with heart. The couple believes that eating together with people you care about is a tradition never to be forgotten. They built their entire restaurant caring for traditions they have lived by; from using local farmers, supporting small wineries, and keeping the artisan way of life alive for years. "It's very important to us to preserve that, and to stay true to what we know." Lorella shares. This way of thinking isn't a product of current organic movements and sustainability, but several generations of tradition found to this day in Sardinia where Chef Massimiliano hails from.

With simple ingredients come amazing flavors, and Massimiliano's cooking never involves butter, balsamic, or cream; only ingredients you'd find in traditional Sardinian cooking.


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291 30th Street
San Francisco
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