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A Taste of Honey
Honeybees live in large social colonies that are dependent on specialization and cooperation for their survival. Each bee has a special skill which is honed and developed throughout the bee's life for the benefit of the society. Some forage for pollen, some protect the hive, and some build the foundation of the colony, honeycomb. This wax structure not only protects and houses the entire colony but also stores honey, the complex (and delicious!) substance that acts as the only food source for the colony.

So what does this have to do with music? Well, earlier this month I sat down with Emily Ritz, the frontwoman of Honeycomb, a band that's beginning to make a name for themselves in the Bay Area and beyond. With as many as eight separate artists in this self-described 'experimental folk' band at any time, watching their performances is like watching the hive; every musician, each with their own special talent, comes together to create a complex (and audibly delicious!) melding of instruments and vocal harmonies. Each member brings a layer of depth that couldn't be achieved independently. But it hasn't always been this way.