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Eat. We all do it. We go where the lines are, never where the lines aren't. We search for what's new, what's hot and what's happening in the foodie world. We have twitter accounts just for our food escapades and some of us even have tumblr blogs specifically for posting the food we eat day to day. No one will deny, San Francisco is foodie heaven.

Asterisk presents - our first FOOD ISSUE.
It isn't your typical top restaurant list. We are highlighting restaurants that stood the test
of time, local favorites, newbies and the people
behind every dish they make. Get to know
where your food comes from, how it got
there and why you should savor
every bite instead of
scarfing it down in one bite.

This is our tribute to a handful of
San Francisco's visionary
restaurants and all the
people that cook them.

La Ciccia Firefly Saison Lafitte Local: Mission Eatery