La Ciccia
Food Issue: Firefly

grape juice, to an eclectic and affordable wine list, from the city's best fried chicken to inventive vegan fare that left my mouth watering.
How does one stay relevant year after year to a fickle dining public? It remains a bit of a mystery. Brad set out initially to establish a restaurant that featured delicious food, with warm, friendly service that lacked the pretension inherent to so many other places he had likely experienced as an employee.

While Henry has creative control in the kitchen, Brad is always part of a weekly tasting that includes the whole staff, where everyone is welcome to weigh in on the latest dishes. Henry has brought a very refined sensibility with him and it shines in every dish. There are dishes that have been around forever and will remain, like the Shrimp and Sea Scallop Potstickers and Fried Chicken. Henry's flexibility is vital here, as the majority of guests are regulars who have become very fond of a few dishes. His most recent vegan dish of melted cipollini onions wrapped in brik pastry set atop perfectly cooked hunks of squash and lentils stopped me in my tracks.

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Dine at Firefly
4288 24th Street
San Francisco
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