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Food Issue: Firefly

In a city full of restaurants with lines down the block, many of which have been open less than a year, there are still those that chug away quietly for years on end, packing in the neighborhood faithful night after night. Firefly Restaurant in Noe Valley is one of those gems. In their seventeenth year, they are still full most nights, more relevant than ever, talent ever brimming out of their cramped kitchen.

Husband and wife owners Brad Levy and Jennifer Tuerk have been very careful over the years to take care of not just their guests but also their staff. There is a remarkable personality to the place, in both its charming d├ęcor and its effusive and intelligent staff. Brad goes out of his way to hire folks who are not just knowledgeable, but kind and interesting. The staff is encouraged to share themselves with their guests and the neighborhood has responded year after year. The value of how this philosophy transcends down to the table side experience is hard to describe.

Last year, Henry Zamora of The French Laundry took over the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine and has added a bit of refinement to an already elevated menu. Firefly is a restaurant that broadcasts a


Dine at Firefly
4288 24th Street
San Francisco
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