An artist, designer and publishing fanatic, Jeremy believes that print is King. With this passion he created Asterisk San Francisco with the help of fantastic individuals who share his love for the creative and everything local. You may often spot him drinking a mocha over-filled with whip cream in the local coffee shops while people-watching.
A literary
enthusiast with a progressive sense of aesthetic, Catlin (not Cait-lin), is a San Francisco writer/editor who has collaborated with various local publications in the city. While style, formality, and well-mannered grammar are her enthusiasm, she would also like to carry the voice of South of Geary's expressive subculture, and ventures to have a hand in anything artistically innovative.
Tommy believes that his deep appreciation for music stems from his inability to fully value the visual arts (due to poor vision and severe colorblindness). He navigates through his grey-scale world, constantly searching for the perfect tune that will compliment a Sunday drive, round out the playlist or just get the kids dancing. When he's not on Pandora at work, he can be found dining, dancing and dive-bar hopping around SF.
Quite adept at pimping the written word, Brett enjoys blogging and writing webcomics when he's not working on something more classy. A diehard Law & Order fan and fantastic Jewish son, Brett is in his third year of law school at UC Hastings and hopes to snag a job at the DA's office. Brett is still single, but this can change with help from readers like you.
Heather lives her life in pursuit of beauty, love, and happiness. If it looks good, feels good, and especially tastes good, then call her a hedonist! How can anyone ever need anti-depressants with this philosophy? Luckily, she fell into writing as a way to spread the word. La vita e Bella!
Mark is a writer, bartender, and food enthusiast who lives in San Francisco. Though he works a day job, he can still be found behind the bar of one of San Francisco's finest restaurants a few nights a week.
As a filmmaker, Alexander thrives on collaboration. He is always looking for new opportunities to bring together creative minds in synergetic ways and loves San Francisco for the convergence of people and cultures, along with all the great food!
When Laura isn't at her 9-5, you might find her at a yoga class in the Mission or gluttonously indulging herself across San Francisco. A mid-west gal with a try-anything-once attitude, Laura spends most of her free time exploring her adopted city. However, to really know Laura is to share a PBR with her at the Uptown after a boozy brunch and a half-assed day of crafting.
Julia does not consider herself religious, but if she did she would practice worship for the fashion Gods, Betsey Johnson and Versace, who continue to provide her with perpetual creative vigor. When she's not writing, she's indulging her sweet tooth at Humphry Slocombe, and shamelessly bragging about her English Bulldog, Rufus.
Jonathan is a singer/songwriter in the band Passenger & Pilot. He is the founder of the quarterly Tenderloin Reading Series and its occasional publication TENDER-LOIN. He also founded the Clattering Loom Reading, and his poetry has been featured at several readings in San Francisco.
Catie's brand of fashion journalism explores costume and dressing as it intersects with culture and society, as well as the occasional nerdfest for a particular collection. She loves the dollar rack at thrift stores, the most impeccably rendered couture, and all points in between.
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