I first ate at Pakwan over three years ago while walking a dramatically different Valencia Street (pre-sidewalk upgrades), in search of a place to live in the Mission. I still remember the smells coming out of the kitchen and thinking—oh my god… I need to have that! At the time, the restaurant had wobbly tables and a low health department rating; none of which...


In a city full of restaurants trying to one-up each other with cryptic menus and hipster wait staff, Swan is a breath of fresh air. This place has been around for decades and has changed very little. Family owned and operated, complete with a retail fish market and delivery in the Polk area. Swan has the best fresh shellfish anywhere in the city, and at a fair price. They open at 8 A.M. and I often go early to...


days there, four-legged friends and all. Well how perfectly convenient!…But don't they just serve coffee? After visiting the cafe on many sunny afternoon occasions, Kaytee in hand, I quickly grew familiar with their not only breakfast, but lunch and dinner menus too! Yes, I ate the food. And yes, it was good. It was very, very good. And this is how Reverie Coffee Cafe has become my most favored and frequented place to eat in SF.
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Charanga's colorful and lively, yet very comfortable atmosphere is perfect for dinner with a group of friends or even for an intimate date. Under the umbrella of Pan-Latin cuisine they serve a variety of tapas style foods from different Latin American countries offering a broad palette of different flavors from Costa Rican Refried Beans to Caribbean Paella, Lechon Asado, and Cuban-style roast pork marinated in...


As a Southerner I'm damn proud to call soul food one of my stereotypical addictions. I'm also glad Brenda's opened the year I moved to the city, otherwise my withdrawals would be manifesting through expensive airfare and unfulfilling imitations.
I've been trying to get clean since 2007. City programs attempt to help with an endless supply of local, fresh produce...


Tu Lan is nestled in perhaps one of the most uncomfortable spots in SoMa, at the first stretch of 6th Street as it buds off of Market. Perhaps this is why the hole in the wall Tu Lan seems so welcoming; a quick hot meal and a bit of relatively quiet respite from the flurry and medicated chatter outside. Tu Lan sports a classic sit-in era lunch counter and a highly...

PAKWAN 3180 16th Street • San Francisco SWAN OYSTER DEPOT 1517 Polk Street • San Francisco REVERIE COFFEE CAFE 848 Cole Street • San Francisco CHARANGA 2351 Mission Street • San Francisco BRENDA'S FRENCH SOUL FOOD 652 Polk Street • San Francisco TULAN 8 6th Street • San Francisco